About the PLIS Group

The Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems (PLIS) group was formed in 2006 as one of the research groups in the newly-created CBIT institute. It currently has 16 members: two professors, five associate professors, one assistant professor and four PhD students.


The PLIS (Programming, Logic and Intelligent Systems) group at Roskilde University investigates foundations, tools and languages for the development of adaptable, reliable, human-oriented computer systems. The group's research covers theoretical foundations, languages, tools and semantic models together with application areas. The main research topics are:

  • Knowledge-based systems and intelligent interaction with systems.
  • Logic and knowledge representation.
  • Programming languages and tools.

Long-term objectives

  • To develop techniques and theories allowing intuitive interaction with information and knowledge-based systems, including natural language understanding and generation, and interpretation of interaction with respect to a context that is constantly changing.
  • To construct logics and structures capable of creating and reasoning about models of the environment and human activities, including common-sense concepts and representation of dynamically changing situations.
  • To develop semantics, languages, methods and tools for software production, analysis and transformation, allowing automatic generation, checking and evolution of software systems.

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